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“I strongly believe that education plays the critical role for success in life. Education enables the best opportunities for personal growth & development, career & professional achievement, income & family secuirty, and success in building satisfying relationships.”

Jack M. Gill

“He that can have patience… can have what he will.”

Benjamin Franklin

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Note: Students often request a hard copy of Jack Gill’s lectures or Jack and Linda Challis Gill’s speaking engagements.  Much of that material is copyrighted and is the subject content of several upcoming books, thus not currently available in electronic format. 

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Published life stories about Jack M. Gill:
Horatio Alger Association
Indiana University
Lamar University

Brochures for college and graduate students:
"Scientific and Medical Entrepreneurs Career Opportunities for PhDs, MDs, and MBAs"

Lectures for college and graduate students:
"Jack Gill's Career Planner...A Roadmap to Success"
"Jack Gill's Entrepreneur Self-Help Kit"
"Jack Gill's Secrets to Success"

Brochures for high school students:
"Career Ideas and Planning Guide for High School Students"

Lectures for high school students:
"Making Life's Big Choices -- by Linda Challis Gill"
"Career Building Ideas for College Bound Students"

Jack Gill lectures to Jones Graduate School of Business students at Ignite™

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