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“I strongly believe that education plays the critical role for success in life. Education enables the best opportunities for personal growth & development, career & professional achievement, income & family secuirty, and success in building satisfying relationships.”

Jack M. Gill

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

Ludwig van Beethoven

Promoting Music, Music Education and Performance

Linda Challis Gill’s paternal grandfather, a graduate of University of Chicago (1901), enjoyed a long career in opera performance (Baritone).  He sang hundreds of leading roles at La Scala, Berlin Bayrenth and with other major opera companies in Europe.  Linda’s father's first cousin was Cole Porter, a Yale graduate and icon of the early 20th-century American music.  He composed over a dozen successful Broadway musicals. 

For these reasons, among others, Linda and Jack Gill have chosen to support top music programs across the country in a variety of ways, including hosting recitals for young performers at the Gills' homes in Palo Alto, Houston, New Orleans and Boston.  Additionally, both Linda and Jack have served on symphony boards, Jack in Boston and Linda in Houston. 

At Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music, the Gill Foundation of Texas provided a gift of five Steinway grand pianos for the Piano faculty and endowed a Chair in Violin. The Foundation also currently provides a scholarship in string instruments.

At Rice University's Shepherd School of Music, the Gill Foundation of Texas provides a scholarship in violin.

Jacobs School of Music violin student Esther Kim performing at Linda & Jack Gill's home

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